Company Profile

Chun Lee is an engineering company specialized in the field of plumbing and drainage installation and system design work. Chun Lee was founded and established by the present Chairman Mr Lau Chun in 1961 and has accumulated over 50 years of expertise in this specialized field.

Mr Lau Chun, from his time of a plumbing apprentice, has worked in this field for over 60 years and with prudence, he has steadily built up the Company into the present operation which is regarded as one of the most prominent plumbing & drainage engineering contractors in Hong Kong.

Chun Lee's list of completed projects and clients includes many distinguished and prestigious names. Over the past 50 years, we are proud to be able to participate in many infrastructure projects which are testimonial to the development and prosperity of Hong Kong to becoming an international acclaimed city.

Besides new projects contracting work, our scope of service also includes repair and maintenance, improvement work, re-plumbing, system design and technical consultancy. With the support of our extensive experience, depth of professional management, our team of experienced engineers, Grade I Licensed Plumbers and qualified skilled workers, we are confident that our Clients will find us a reliable, dependable, dedicated and responsible partner to work with.

Chun Lee's management principles are guided by our commitment to quality and good ethical practices. We are the first P&D company in Hong Kong accredited with the ISO9000 quality system back in 1994. In 2009, we have successfully achieved the HKQAA Integrated Management System Certificate by attaining accreditation to the environmental ISO14001:2004 and safety OHSAS 18001:2007 management system.

It is our long term commitment to provide adequate training and resources to develop young prospects and staff in our Company. This we believe is a fundamental and crucial aspect of sustaining growth in, not just our Company, but the entire plumbing trade. In April 2011, we have been approved for the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) Engineering Graduate Training Scheme "A". We are extremely pleased and proud of achieving this status as it recognizes our training facilities and capabilities and more important, it attests our commitment to developing young engineers to be future qualified plumbing engineers.

In January 2013, Development Bureau has established a new category of “Plumbing Installation” under the “List of Approved Suppliers and Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works”. Chun Lee has promptly been approved as a Group II contractor which can tender for contracts of unlimited value.

The listing requires contractors to meet an array of stringent criteria which includes proper staffing in quantity and quality, appropriate financing capability and an accredited quality management system. In any event, it is very encouraging to see that plumbing work is now being recognized by the government as an established specialist work and an essential part of the building services system.