Milestone Projects

Princess Margaret Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital was the first major hospital project for Chun Lee. Our successful completion significantly upgraded our image as a capable contractor for complex projects.


Ocean Centre

Chun Lee had the first opportunity to work with international acclaimed M&E consultant and architectural firms in this project.


Shui Wo Court

A Home Ownership Scheme by the Hong Kong Housing Authority, it was at that time one of the largest single plumbing and drainage contract ever awarded.


Regal Meridien Hotel

The first of many hotel projects in our job reference list.


Heng Fa Chuen

A major residential project by private developer, comprising of over 50 blocks of medium high rise buildings.


Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

The project, funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, has taken several years and in different phases to complete. Working with world class developer, construction, architectural and consultant firms demands the highest degree of quality assurance, technical and management capabilities.


Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Grand Hyatt Hotel & Podium
Convention and Exhibition Facilities

A large scale commercial exhibition hotel complex property development in Hong Kong, when completed, it was the largest and most celebrated convention centre in the Asia Pacific region.


Citibank Plaza

This highly appraised intelligent commercial building will stand to be a frequent reference for other new commercial developments.


Return of Sovereignty of HK to China
British Consulate General
The PRC Ministry of Foriegn Affairs Building

To prepare for the return of the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the British Consulate and PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs buildings were built and completed in a timely manner. Chun Lee is honored to be the P&D contractor for both of these buildings to commensurate this special event in Hong Kong's history.


Hong Kong International Airport
Government Flying Service Headquarter
Freight Forwarding Centre
HACTL Superterminal I
Regal Airport Hotel

The Airport Core Programme, also known as the Rose Garden Project, has taken 8 years to complete with a final bill of HK$160 billion. It is the most enormous civil engineering infrastructure project in Hong Kong's history. The Hong Kong International Airport will always be the pride for the people of Hong Kong. We are proud to contribute and participate in four of the many prestigious projects for this new airport.