Integrated Management System & CSR Advocate Index

Chun Lee is the first plumbing & drainage contractor to obtain the ISO9002:1987 quality system accreditation by HKQAA back in June 1994 when the ISO9000 qualification was still at its early stage. Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), a non-profit distributing organization and one of the leading third party certification bodies in the region, was established by the Hong Kong Government in 1989 to assist industry and commerce in the development of quality management systems.

Since then, we have added the design element in our ISO9000 system and our quality system has passed the stringent requirements of conversion to ISO9001:2000 in June 2003.

Our quality management system is regularly reviewed, modified and fine tuned to suit the latest progress and development in construction management. In 2017, our quality system was further upgraded to the latest ISO9001:2015 version.

In August 2009, realizing the importance of managing the safety and environmental aspects in construction sites, we have expanded our quality management system to include the environmental management system ISO14001:2004 and safety management system OHSAS18001:2007, both also accredited by HKQAA. In essence, we have become the first single discipline plumbing & drainage contractor achieving the HKQAA Integrated Management System certification. Recently, our environmental management system was further upgraded to the latest ISO14001:2015.

Certificate Date Certification Authority
ISO9002: 1987 June 1994 HKQAA
ISO9002: 1994 Feb 1995 HKQAA
ISO9001: 2000 June 2003 HKQAA
ISO9001: 2008 Aug 2009 HKQAA
ISO9001: 2015 Aug 2017 HKQAA
ISO14001: 2004 Aug 2009 HKQAA
ISO14001: 2015 Jun 2018 HKQAA
OHSAS18001: 2007 Aug 2009 HKQAA
IMS Certificate of Achievement Sept 2009 HKQAA

HKQAA CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Index

The Hong Kong CSR Advocate Index is launched by HKQAA to promote the awareness of social responsibilities while business entities are pursuing economic prosperity. In the long run, the CSR Index will be instrumental in enhancing competitiveness of HK enterprises

CSR refers to the good practice of conducting business in an ethical manner, compliance with all legal requirements and most importantly, have respect for people, our society, communities and the environment. 2009 will be the base year for future benchmarking and we are pleased to be included as one of the benchmarking companies.

In full support of such scheme, Chun Lee has participated and been accepted to enroll as one of the few initial CSR advocate companies. The acceptance goes beyond passing an initial set of evaluation criteria, it entails a focused and long term commitment which asks for strong corporate governance and sound risk management practices.